Ritthy Chau

The Sultan of Screens

Team Member since

Ritthy Chau

Production Manager

Allow me to introduce Ritthy Chau, the fearless leader of our production team and the master of screen printing sorcery! When he's not weaving his magic on the print floor, he's busy leading our crew to greatness, turning ordinary garments into custom apparel masterpieces.

Ritthy is the Picasso of screen printing, wielding squeegees and ink with the precision of a surgeon and the creativity of an artist. He transforms blank canvases into vibrant works of wearable art, leaving customers and colleagues in awe of his printing prowess.

He's the captain of our production ship, navigating through the choppy waters of deadlines, materials, and customer demands with a steady hand and a mischievous smile. He's like a wizard, conjuring up solutions and turning challenges into opportunities for greatness.

So, whether he's perfecting his screen printing wizardry or leading our production dream team, Ritthy Chau is out there turning ink to gold.