Our most common asked questions.

How does embroidery pricing work?

Embroidery pricing is a function of quantity and stitch count.

The larger and more dense your logo is, the more it will cost to produce.

Are there set up fees for embroidery?

Embroidering a logo requires a special type of file, called a .dst.

Unless you've already had your logo embroidered before, you likely don't have a .dst file, and will need to pay a one-time $60 digization fee.

As long as you don't make any edits to your logo, you will not have to pay this fee again on any subsequent orders.

What is the minimum quantity for embroidery?

Our minimum quantity is 6.

If you are ordering for a small group and may need to add new members each year, we’d recommend ordering a few extras with your original order, as we are not able to accommodate sub-minimum embroidery runs, even if they are for a re-order.

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